Technological progress has led to an increase in the number of remote controls, operating interfaces, and operational responsibility for numerous electronic products.

And instead of our lives becoming simpler, they are only getting more complicated.

ANS Tech’s command & control systems simplify operation and cause the systems to work in wonderful synergy.

The command & control systems can control lighting, sound systems, television screens, electric projector screens, projectors, air conditioning, and more.

For example: The Class Control system assists the lecturer in managing the audiovisual equipment in the classroom. By pressing “start projection”, the projector turns on and synchronizes with the relevant visual source, the projector screen descends, the front light turns off, and the receiver turns on the relevant audio source.

This system is installed in numerous educational institutions throughout Israel.

Our company provides comprehensive solutions for large-scale software and multimedia projects.

With over 10 years of experience, ANS Tech is at the forefront of the Israeli market with an impeccable reputation and satisfied customers in leading companies, government authorities, municipalities, and educational institutions.

Our company’s quality control systems adhere to the strictest standards, and meet ISO 9001 standards as well as additional international standards.

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