MediActive - Digital signage system

Managing your information and advertising has never been easier!

Our digital signage system is smart and innovative software developed by ANS Tech.

It is an interactive, powerful, and effective multimedia tool that conveys important information to a large number of people in real time.

Why do you need a digital billboard?

• A convenient, prominent, and innovative medium for conveying messages to customers and employees.

• A tool to promote awareness and advertisements in a wide array of themes.

• Full, easy control of content and timing of messages.

• An aesthetic, innovative tool that catches the eyes of passers-by.

• Displays a wide variety of information on one screen, specially tailored to your needs.


A Digital Signage System is now perceived to be an inseparable

and essential component of every company and business

that consider themselves at the forefront of technology.


Why choose ANS Tech’s Digital Signage System?

• Our MediActive system conveys prestige and professionalism.

• An easy working interface that supports Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic.

• Screens can be divided into sections featuring diverse content, according to the customer’s requirements.

• Every section is easily and independently controlled.

• Planning and timing of similar or varying content on multiple screens simultaneously.

• Central control for all screens with the option of timing when the screens turn on and off.

• Bulletins and news flashes can be instantly transmitted to specific screens.


Digital Signage sheds new light on

communication methods with clientele and employees.


 About Digital Signage


Digital signage is a smart and innovative software developed by  ANSTech company.

Digital signage – Companies & Factories

Nowadays, every business in every industry wants as much publicity as possible and naturally wants to outshine its competition. Advertising media are developing as technology progresses, while old-school print ads and newspapers have become a bit archaic, being increasingly replaced by Active Advertising. One advertising media that has managed to fuse together the good-old familiar with brand-new innovation and still deliver effective results for the customer – is Digital Signage advertising. A digital billboard can be placed anywhere in or around your establishment to upgrade your business, and to inform your customers of announcements or special offers through an impressive, appealing digital billboard.



The Advantages of Digital Advertisement for Your Business

The system offers all of the advantages you seek when looking to advertise. The initial effect that the system has on customers and passers-by is awe. The neat design of the digital billboard, the superb animation, and naturally the written content itself all make digital signage so appealing. On top of that, the prominent lighting of a digital billboard will always cause every person to stop and read the message, out of curiosity. 



How does digital signage for businesses work?

Thedigital advertising system for businesses is a friendly and easy system that is also very advanced and offers many features. As an owner of an establishment that operates the system,
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Digital signage-Moving Images are Eye-Catching

you can choose which content appears, time the sections as you please, and switch between your diverse content on the digital billboard screen. You can also divide the screen into separate and original sections and easily control each one yourself. Another option is timing similar or different ads on several screens in different locations, while having complete centralized control, including the ability to remotely turn screens on and off as you please. A digital billboard for the business is an easy, convenient, and economical advertising solution.



Moving Images are Eye-Catching

Remember that when you place a digital billboard you are also appealing to primal, almost uncontrollable urges of the eye and the brain – to look at what is displayed in the digital advertisement. The system suits every business that wants to market itself – cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets that want to display their goods in an appealing manner. Schools, universities, colleges, or departments that provide professional courses, that want to display changes, instruction, and updates. Hotels, cultural centers, and museums. Companies and factories that benefit from the digital billboards by upgrading their environment and conveying progress. In fact, every business could profit from this innovative, effective advertising method.


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