Technological progress has rendered traditional advertising less effective and less relevant.

Digital signage for universities and colleges sheds new light on communication with the student and sales promotion strategies.

Academic institutions use digital media to develop awareness and create a technological zone.

The digital billboards can display the following at universities and colleges:

  • Classroom changes.
  • Updates about absent lecturers.
  • Announcements from the Dean / Student Union.
  • Important public announcements.
  • Information about holidays and special events.
  • Direct broadcasts.
  • Anything else you can imagine to promote and strengthen the relationship between the student and your institution.


Every digital signage can be divided into separate sections of information screens that display different dynamic and static content of your choice. The digital billboard can display content that the institution’s administration wants to share, in real time.

In addition to the information displayed, the screens help the students pass their free time in a fun and interesting way.

The digital signage for universities and colleges encourage the student to watch the billboard, ensuring that the messages are indeed being conveyed extensively and clearly. The billboards also dramatically increase the student’s satisfaction.

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