We are living in a technological world where progress is gradually taking over all aspects of our daily life. One of the main reasons for this progress is the quality and ease of use. We look for the highest quality, most efficient, convenient, and organized device that we can build an advanced multimedia environment around.
ANS Tech has extensive experience and seniority in the multimedia industry. We have made thousands of installations, manifesting in a wide range of customized solutions for our customers’ diverse needs and requirements.
Our company’s uniqueness is that we employ computer software engineers, systems analysts, and industrial engineers on the one hand, while directly employing integration professionals, procurement, and installation teams, on the other hand.
ANS Tech installs projectors, TV screens, sound systems, fixed cameras, security cameras, smart lighting systems, sensors, and more.

Our company specializes in:

  • Selling and installing projectors:Including installing a customized hanging device, wiring, and connections panel. Wiring is suited to a wide variety of cables and connections, and varying distances. In addition, we do steeple jacking and are certified for working at heights. Spider hanging fixture, customized cage, and a cage with a theft alert mechanism, and more, are all available.
  • Selling and installing TV screens: Including installing customized tv screens, wiring, and connections panel. There is a wide variety of hanging fixtures, depending on customer requirements. Our employees are qualified to do height work, and we also specialize in digital signage and video walls.
  • Selling and installing sound systems:Including installing and wiring sound systems.
  • Selling and installing fixed cameras:Including characterizing and installing cameras for recording meetings, lessons, and conferences that require high quality cameras. Our company’s E-Learning system can be used to automatically record all the instruction accessories.
  • Selling and installing security cameras:Including characterizing and installing security cameras, with an emphasis on covering as much space as possible and high quality equipment that will hold up in inclement weather over the years.
  • Smart lighting systems:Numerous areas are unnecessarily illuminated. Using our company’s smart lighting systems, we can customize the most suitable lighting for the area using sensors that turn the light off when necessary.
  • Selling and installing sensors : Installation and wiring of all types of sensors.

Our company has made installations in a wide variety of places, such as: educational institutions, hospitals, government institutions, high-tech companies, financial institutions, and more.  We provide our customers with a reliable and innovative service, while working in collaboration with the leading importers and manufacturers in the market.

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